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Weekly Meditations from the comfort of your own home

Group sessions are a very powerful way to transform and really let go of old stress, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and emotions that hold you back from happiness and joy. 
Mondays at 7pm USA EST with Sada  or Maitreya
Tuesdays at 10am SYD Time with Sada  or Maitreya
$30 Suggested Contribution
Must pre-register
Through sharing the meditation experiences I've had with Sada I hope to inspire others to take an hour of their time during the week to treat themselves to self care, healing and growth. Sada embodies a lovely energy of strength, integrity, humor, passion trust and love. She brings this into her healing sessions. I can feel her dedication to helping others shed parts of themselves that are holding them back from being all they can be. I've experienced such lightness as layer by layer of dense and heavy excess falls away with her direction and guidance. She remains a true vessel for universal healing energy and power. I feel more self empowered to face challenges, more connected, confident and mostly importantly more safe and secure in my self, my relationships, and my environment. Thank you Sada!

I have found that as a recurring practice, (Sada's online) meditation helps me shed the accumulated stresses and burdens of the week and realign myself with a feeling of wellness and peace. Being someone who always doubted I had the patience and focus needed to meditate, I appreciate the guided component to the practice.

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