Group sessions are a very powerful way to transform and really let go of old stress, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and emotions that hold you back from happiness and joy.

$30 Suggested Contribution

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MAY 2022


Come and connect with the beautiful Community, and enjoy a healing meditation, Blessings and plenty of LIVE Music with Brahman Kyrie, Maitreya & Sada, Bahman & Ari. Join us at the wonderful Soul of Yoga Center in Encinitas. This is sure to be a wonderful feast of energy and music.

CT Full Program                                                            11-22 MAY

With much excitement we are finally heading back to Connecticut, Sada's birthplace.

Just a reminder, the Laya Yoga and the private sessions may fill up quickly so if you'd like to get in for those, please sign up soon.  The sound healing will also have a limit so people can have room to lay down.

All of the event descriptions and to register go to Muktinath's website under "Classes and Events"

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Musical Meditation                             Wednesdays MAY 11 & 18

Join Maitreya and Sada for a cleansing meditation for the body, mind and energy field.  Release old energy emotional and physical pain and allow the music to help bring balance and peace.

Sacred Sound Session                                            Friday MAY 13

Lay back and receive the healing power of sound and mantra to find deep peace and transformation.  The sounds will help heal on all levels and help you reconnect with your true self and open the heart. 

-you may like to bring a special cushion or mat to lay back on

-chairs available if more comfortable

Please register as space is limited

Laya Yoga (Group Healing)                                Saturday MAY 14 

Deeply healing and transformation group healing session.  Each member will have a chance to share something they would like help with.  Profound spiritual guidance, activations and energy is shared to help transmute any negativity from the mind, emotions and spirit.  Old frozen energy can be dissolved in areas of life that have seemed stuck or challenging.

Must register, limited Space

Satsang Meditation                                Sundays MAY 15 and 22

Join Maitreya and Sada for a morning of cleansing meditation, inspiring music and heartfelt connection.  Receive blessings (spiritual activations).


May 8th Special FULL MOON Satsang Meditation- this event will be focused on Connecting with the beautiful energy of the Moon to support us in our Emotional and overall Wellbeing. 

Full Moon Ganesha Celebrations                          Sunday MAY 15

The energy of Ganesh is sublime and powerful and can help us cultivate wisdom, healing and helps us clear the energy of blockages in our life.  On the full moon, the energy of Ganesha is multiplied for Maitreya as he has been given a blessing by Sri Sakthi Amma to have a deep connection with Ganesha.

Come along and experience the energy of the full moon and Ganesha for healing, transformation, joy and connection!

Soul’s Journey Healing Meditation                   Saturday MAY 14 

Throughout our journey as a soul, we have come across challenges and several events that can leave part of our soul with unresolved conflict and pain.  Throughout this meditation, we will do specific techniques to recall our spirit, heal these deep soul wounds, and bring ourselves back to a sense of wholeness within.

-Some major changes can take place in our life, mood, and health as we heal and repair these soul fragments.

Must register, limited Space

Healing Relationship with the Physical Body           Sat MAY 21

During this session we will be guided to gentle unlock and release any unconscious blockages to having a healthy and happy relationship with our physical body.  When we have issues in our inner relationship, it can lead to physical imbalances and stress, unhealthy habits and a lack of body/mind connection and harmony.

We will do a healing meditation to clear these blockages and find more love, self-care, and balance for our beautiful bodies.


ENERGY FIELD CLEANSE         Thurs MAY 26 Plus JUN 2, 9 & 16

A unique style of meditation using guidance, live music and energy healing to cleanse away old pain and negativity from the body, mind and emotions. Lots of energy is released during these sessions, which naturally connects us back to more peace and joy.

ESSENCE OF THE BUDDHA                                  Sun MAY 29

The Buddha's teachings can help us 'Tame this Mind of ours'. Join us to experience mindfulness and Loving Kindness Meditation. Learn practices to clear the mind & open the heart, and try some techniques to help us stay centred during challenging times. 

MYRTLE BEACH (SC) Private Sessions by Appt from    MAY 26

Private Sessions can uplift and transform all areas of your life, including relationships, levels of peace and joy, financial abundance, physical health, and is a great way to release fears, addictions, phobias, negative thought patterns and more.  

This is because our chakras and energy field hold a lot of experiences, suppressed emotions, thoughts, beliefs and energies that can prevent us from making the changes and shifts in our lives that we desire.  Once these energies are released, a deep sense of freedom is born and our whole life can change.