Awaken the truth in your own heart.

Group sessions are a very powerful way to transform and really let go of old stress, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and emotions that hold you back from happiness and joy.

$20-30 Suggested Contribution

EMAIL to register



The Light of Christ - Online Event 8pm NY, 10am SYD Apr 7/8

On the Full Moon as we approach Easter Weekend, we turn our hearts and minds towards the Light of the Christ.

During this session we will offer our respect, gratitude and devotion to the Christ, and open ourselves to the blessings of the Christ!

NY time: TUE Apr 7th 8pm

Sydney time: WED Apr 8th 10am

If you cannot make the live session, we can send you the recordingTo register, please email

Sacred Sound Session (Mid-North Coast) 10am-11am    Apr 18

Transform, heal, and uplift through sound, mantra, and vibrational medicine. Allow old pain to shift and create a space for deep peace, joy and bliss.

Sacred music helps us connect with deep parts of our true nature. It is very purifying for the mind and body. Studies show the profound effects that mantra has on the cells of the body and how it changes our vibration within. During Kirtan the sacred sound session many people have wonderful experiences of letting go of old pain and reconnecting with their joy and spirit.

Chakra Makeover (Mid-North Coast)       10am-12pm       Apr 18


During this session, Sada and Maitreya will read your energy field (chakras, aura, meridians) to help you release blockages around a specific topic.

Everyone will get the chance (optional) to speak about something they would like help with in life. For eg, a relationship issue, being more grounded, releasing anxiety, getting along better with co-workers, etc.

Then, Maitreya or Sada will check what's happening in your energy field around this issue and guide you to release stagnant or stuck energy that is making it harder to create change.

Once the energy is released, it makes space for us to create something new. Everyone in the group will also receive special guidance and suggestions that can help them relating to the topic.

Authentic Relationships ONLINE PROGRAM starts Apr 21/22

Maitreya and Sada are excited to offer a 4 week Online Program to help us Awaken more Authenticity in our Relationships. 

With a 1 Hr LIVE session each week plus quick easy-to-follow tools and techniques, this is sure to be a wonderful opportunity to bring out the best in ourselves and our relationships.

WESAK around the WORLD Online  7pm NY, 9am SYD May 8/9

Join Maitreya and Sada for a celebration of the Christ and Buddha energies with this special meditation where we will go on an inner plane journey to the Wesak Valley.

It is akin to a spiritual new year and is also a time that Buddhists commemorate the birth of Buddha, and for some, his enlightenment and death.

We look forward to a wonderful meditative adventure........please email to confirm your attendance so we can invite you to the Online Group.
Suggested Contribution; $30