Awaken the truth in your own heart.

Group sessions are a very powerful way to transform and really let go of old stress, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and emotions that hold you back from happiness and joy.

$20-30 Suggested Contribution

EMAIL to register



Yoga and Sound Healing at Yoga in Common                     Sep 28

Gentle healing live music and mantra to compliment a beautiful Yoga class fro a deep healing experience through all levels of the your being. Hope to see you there!

CHAKRA MAKEOVER at A Beautiful Mind!                           Sep 29

Have your chakras read and receive profound healing and Spiritual Advice

Allow  long-held "frozen" energy to be dissolved.

Maitreya and Sada will guide you to release blockages and rebalance your Energy Body

Transformation from the Inside Out!


ENERGY FIELD CLEANSE at Yoga in Common                      Oct 3

A unique style of guided meditation that uses energy & music to purify the body, mind and spirit. Join us for these unique sessions to uplift your spirit, reconnect with your truth, and be more joyful and relaxed in  life.

Cacao & Kirtan with Stevie at Yoga in Common                     Oct 5

experience a cacao ceremony, followed by Sacred music and Sound Healing to open the heart, relax the mind and Bliss out!

Coming Home to Love India Retreat.   Feb 20-25

After a long journey away, you may have felt that sense of relief when coming back to a place of peace and comfort.  Throughout our life, we are also on a journey to find these things within ourselves; the peace, comfort, and relief of being home.


This journey to find that sense of home within ourselves, can take us on twists and turns, sometimes feeling lost or separate.  Sometimes we forget the comfort of the unconditional love that’s innately within.


Join Maitreya and Sada as we Dive Deep into the Heart of the Divine Mother and “come home” to more LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH, and FREEDOM. At Amma’s Peedam, the energy of all the Love and Devotion from the Divine is so strong, present and available and through Her Grace, we can experience deep transformation in our own hearts and minds.


We intend that “Coming Home to Love” retreat will help us connect more easily to our innate, peace, joy and love,  to be our unique self and express this.  Coming home to our truth and being able to shine this out to the world.


We will utilize the amazing energy, sacred space, and connection in Amma’s Peedam.  Come experience more “home” within your heart, and the Divine Heart.  Feel the sense of space and freedom as that feeling of “home” travels with us wherever we go in the world.


Om Namo Narayani

Contribution  $1,080 USD


3 Vegetarian meals per day at Ashram

5 nights Accommodation

All tuition

Does not include:


Transport to and from Chennai by car 

Any other meals or personal shopping

Accommodation at the Ashram


We will book your accommodation for you.  Please plan to share a room with someone.  Rooms are comfortable size with 2 twin beds and a bathroom per room.  


The retreat price includes accommodation costs from February 20th-25th (5 nights).  Any extra days that you stay at the Ashram will be at your own expense.


If you’d like to room with someone specific please let us know so you can room together.

Travel from Chennai to Vellore (Peedam)


Whether you choose to stay in Chennai or go directly to the Ashram, we will arrange for a driver to come get you from Chennai.  We will just need to know your flight details or time you’d like to leave the hotel.


It will cost around $45-60 for this car service so it’s a nice idea to travel with others and split the cost


Flights to Chennai

Chennai is the nearest airport.  You will be responsible for your own flight, however we will be available to help you book and give you advice if needed.

Please arrive in Peedam on or before Feb 20th.  We will begin our sessions in the morning for the retreat on Feb 21st but will have a little gathering to help everyone get settled in on Feb 20th