Awaken the truth in your own heart.







Connect and Cleanse is a program designed to help you connect with your true Self- our innate joy, peace, and authenticity.   It includes physical, emotional, and mental cleansing guided techniques and sessions to remove the layers of energy that our preventing us from that deep connection.





It is combination of Hypnotherapy, Unique Energy Healing, Meditation and Naturopathic Counseling that comes in the form of short video exercises, audio recordings, and written information and guidance.




Anyone wanting to create a happier, healthier life including 

-Physical Health and wellness

-Healing past trauma, pain and situations

-Help with nutrition and fitness

-Overcoming anxiety, depression and addictions

-Creating more wealth and abundance

-Releasing Suppressed emotions

-Developing more peace, love, friends, joy

-Connecting deeper with self, others, and soul




What’s Included?


-5 weekly lessons on Connecting to Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit 

-Weekly Energy Healing Sessions based that topic (pre-recorded) 

-Short Audio and Video exercises to do during course (new each week)

-Awareness Exercise Quiz to help you know the next step

-Discount private online Energy/Hypnosis/Health Coaching Session

-Ongoing support through email



With this Course you will:


-Gain Deeper Connection to your physical body, emotions, energy and soul

-Heal and Cleanse old pain, trauma, experiences and beliefs

-Understand your truth, what YOU need and how to create a new outcome

-Have a rich inventory of connection, hypnosis, and other practices that you can continue to do for as long as you want

-Feel more like “yourself” and develop more authenticity in relationships

-Improve your mood, level of happiness, joy and peace


I believe that the biggest cause of our struggles, lack of health and unhappiness is from not knowing who we are.  Once we start to connect and cleanse what is not true, we can create miracles and find the freedom and peace.


It takes practice, self-compassion, and tenacity to uncover the truth!  


Wow, what an amazing mediation tonight. The entire course was fantastic. Thanks so much! You have a gift for guiding people simply and quietly into the core of being, where we can access deep stillness, peace, and everything we need. I'm very grateful.

-Joy C. 

Good morning Sada~

I LOVE this class- the format, the information, your supportive caring nature,and focusing on the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic ( allows us to heal deeply!). I can not say enough positive things about it even with being tossed around a bit!  I am feeling better this week- meditation and tools helped.

-Lori S.

Registration Info (please read below carefully)


Once you are registered, you will receive your welcome info and Course Agreement.    Once Agreement is signed you will receive Lesson One. Each week after that you will receive a new lesson and new material.  


After you register please send an email to with your best contact email for the course


Each person who registers will receive a private online session for me at 30% discount (this is optional to use) Normal private session is $150

PRICE OF COURSE:  After you register, choose a price between $150-$500 payment. This payment is due 5 weeks after you start the course.  Please send your course payment by week 5 or divide into smaller payments each week.

Registration Fee $80 USD.  

Once Registered, the cost of the course is up to you between $150-$500.  Please decide what the value of this course is for you and send a payment (by week 5) in accordance with your financial means and the value you’ve received.


You can choose to pay one total at week five  or you can break up your payments into weekly or biweekly amounts.