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Coming Home to the Divine Mother Retreat in South India

March 10-15, 2024

 Join Maitreya and Sada as we dive deep into the heart of the Divine Mother and “come home” to more love, peace and freedom. 


At Amma’s Peedam, the energy of Love is so strong and present.  Through Her Grace, we can experience profound transformation in our own hearts and minds.


Join Maitreya and Sada for a Journey to Reconnect with the Cosmic Divine Mother!

Retreat Timing:

The retreat sessions will officially start on the Morning of March 11 and finish on March 15th.  Please plan to arrive at the Ashram on March 10th .  We will help you get settled into your rooms and into the energy for the retreat.

What to expect daily on retreat

Each day, we will meet as a group for meditation, healing, live music, and more.  We will also have different activities planned for those who want to participate such as visiting the local school children, going to special ceremonies at the temples as a group, and guided tours through Amma's amazing projects, etc.

You will also have time to rest, visit the temples, relax at the Ashram, go to additional Puja's and Ceremonies and enjoy the cafe close by if you wish.

We ask that people be flexible with the daily schedule, as things can change quickly at the Ashram if Amma is calling a Puja or group session, etc.  We will have a basic daily time table but it is subject to change.



Your retreat cost includes 6 nights of accommodation at the ashram in Peedam—starting March 10 and including the night of March 15th.


If you would like to extend your stay beyond the 15th, you are welcome to do so at your own expense.  Please let us know if you would like to stay longer and we will reserve your room for you.


If you would like to arrive at the Ashram before March 10, you can do so at your own expense.  Please let us know so we can make the arrangements for you.



Please book your flights to Chennai or Bangalore on your own and let us know as soon as you know your flight details.  Upon arrival at the airport, you can choose to come straight to the Ashram or to stay at a hotel near the airport for a night or two at your own expense.


If you are coming straight to the Ashram from the airport……

We will arrange for a car to come pick you up from the airport and bring you directly to Amma’s.  These wonderful people work for the Ashram and are safe to take you there.  The cost is around $80 USD so you can share the cost with others who are arriving at the same time


If you plan to stay a night in a hotel in Chennai…….

The Radisson Blue is a great option and they will come pick you up from the airport and bring you to the hotel. 


Whether you plan to come straight to the Ashram, or stay near the airport, please let us know and please plan to arrive in Peedam by March 10th so we can help you settle in.


$1440 AUD (970 USD)



3 Veg Meals daily are included and your tuition

If you would like to visit nearby cafes, you can do so at your own expense

Extra Expenses:


Indian Visa

Travel Insurance

You may want to sponsor some of Amma’s puja’s or do some shopping

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