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Ignite Your Spirit Therapy

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy (IYS) is an amazing way to transform your inner landscape, raise your vibration, and lead a happier and healthier life.


During a session, a highly trained therapist scans the aura and chakras for areas of imbalance that may be having an affect on physical, emotional or mental health. The client is then led to release these blockages and renew and refresh the spirit.  The outcome is a more joyous, healthy, loving, and peaceful sense of being and outlook on life.


Ignite Your Spirit Therapy can uplift and transform all areas of your life, including relationships, levels of peace and joy, financial abundance, physical health, and is a great way to release fears, addictions, phobias, negative thought patterns and more.  

This is because our chakras and energy field hold a lot of experiences, suppressed emotions, thoughts, beliefs and energies that can prevent us from making the changes and shifts in our lives that we desire.  Once these energies are released, a deep sense of freedom is born and our whole life can change.


IYS has a major way of helping our emotional state of being-  our inner happiness, joy, self-expression, and truth.  As we are led to let go of old, stale, emotions, we are free to experience our true state of being, which is naturally bliss, love, joy and peace.  We are all looking for a way to reach this state, but sometimes it is more difficult because of the energy, experiences, and thougths that we carry.


Most of the energy that we are able to release during a session is outside of our conscious awareness.  For example, we may have been suppressing certain feelings that we didn't know about, or have certain beliefs about life that are hidden but they still create the world that we live in.  As we identify these emotions and thoughts, and release them, we make room for a new way of thinking, feeling, and living in the world.


Have you ever felt stuck about something that you wanted to change in your life or in the world?  You have the desire, the will, and you want it, but it seems too hard or you feel lost?  This is most likekly because although you consciously want that change....there is an UNCONSCIOUS part of you that is holding fears, beliefs, worries, emotions, experiences, etc. that are preventing that change.  And...if we don't know that all of that is sitting in our unconscious than how can we move forward and change? 


This is one of the amazing benefits of IYS therapy.  The therapist is trained as a spiritual counselor and a greatly gifted intuitive to help you shift this energy.


What is a session like?  You will meet with your therapist and sit comfortably, fully clothed, and have a chance to talk to the therapist about what you would like help with in the session.  After brief discussion, the therapist will help guide you into a relaxed state and scan your energy field to begin the session.  As blockages are identified, the therapist uses energy healing techniques (non- touching) to help release the energy and will guide you to be a part of the releases and affirmations.  The therapist will always fill the space created with positive energy and new high vibrational affirmations and thoughts.


IYS Therapy was developed by Shakti Durga, and all therapist must complete a 3-4 year training program and many practical hours to become certified.  Shakti Durga is the founder, spiritual head and inspirational leader of Shanti Mission (Peace Mission), with its head office based in Australia.  Visit for more information.

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