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Maitreya is a sublime teacher, powerful healer and an inspired sacred musician. He guides his students, clients and audiences into the heart of the truth with boundless joy, empowering them to uncover the vast radiance that is their own nature.


Maitreya has an extensive background in Music Therapy and an unshakable passion for the healing power of sound.

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Sada is an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist, Health Coach, Hypnotherapist, Sacred Musician, Spiritual and Naturopathic Counselor. She is passionate about helping people bring more love, joy, good health and freedom into their lives.

She believes that we all have the ability to create the life we want and loves helping people discover this in themselves. She helps people clear old, unconscious energy and pain by helping people connect deep within and find their truth and authenticity.

Sada specializes in helping people understand and connect with their body and emotions and how to bring more balance and good health on all levels.

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Maitreya and Sada travel around the world offering healings, seminars, music, and more.  They love meeting and staying connected with community and offer many programs online.

They have been studying with Shakti Durga for many years.  Shakti Durga is the founder of Shanti Mission and has developed "Ignite Your Spirit therapy". 

They take several trips to India where they study and retreat at Sri Sakthi Amma's Peedam.


Shakti Durga

Sri Sakthi Amma

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