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Health and Wellness Coaching

Combination of Health Coaching, Intuitive & Spiritual counseling, Energy Healing/Meditation


Based on the client’s needs, Sada will combine several modalities to help get to the root of the issue and create a space for deep healing and intuitive guidance for her clients.  Suggestions will be made for a plan clients can follow to help them achieve their goals.


Sada specializes in helping people with:


Body Image Disorder

Eating and Fitness Plans

Anxiety & Stress


Chronic and/or Mystery Illness

Physical Health and Wellbeing

Healing and releasing painful Emotions/Trauma



General Packages              

6 sessions (1 per week)     $888


12 Sessions (1 per week)    $1,440     



Session 1          (60 minutes) -Set goals, receive guidance & plan tailored to your specific needs, receive healing and support


Sessions 2-6 (or 12)    (35-45 minutes) Review goals and week, check in, receive more guidance and deep healing to continue to clear and shift old consciousness and bring about positive change



-Transform and Clear Old Patterns, Conditioning, Energy

-Understand what’s going on under the surface

-Learn ways to change unhelpful habits and patterns

-Begin deep healing process



Also included-

-support through emails

-audio and/or video recordings and guided meditations to follow

-updates on health and wellness plans as you go

-food and fitness plans if suited for client

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