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As an energy healer, hypnotherapist, health coach and spiritual teacher, Sada helps people find more balance, joy and truth in their life.

She specializes in healing the physical body through the release of stored emotions and trauma, advanced intuition and clearing out old unhelpful consciousness and energy. 


Sada began studying energy healing over 17 years ago and has added many modalities to her sessions to help with healing and transformation on all levels.

She began doing energy healing, hypnotherapy and intuitive mentoring sessions and was fascinated by how much power the unconscious mind holds.  The unprocessed energy, traumas, emotions, experiences, plus our programming, beliefs, etc. can limit us in any area of life that we are trying to create, heal or change.  

Sada helps her clients become aware of these emotional and mental blockages held within the body and energy field and guides them to safely release and transform this energy.  She also helps her clients let go of old situations, habits, behaviors, addictions, thought patterns, pain and trauma that are creating imbalance.  This leads to good health emotionally, mentally and physically.  Many issues resolve by finding and releasing these unconscious blockages.

She also has developed and teaches many self development and wellness courses that are offered online and in person.  She developed "Connect and Cleanse" which is a self paced online course that helps people gain awareness of their mind, body and emotions and find healing.

She has done wellness programs for Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Dentists and Corporate Staff to help relieve stress and burn out.

Sada has also been teaching energy healing to many students around the world through Shanti Mission Organization.

Sada also creates personalized programs for groups and clients who would like help with fitness, mental health, physical health and healing from illnesses.

Sada's clients have received great help with issues like:

-Depression and Anxiety

-Disease and Illness (including cancer, mystery illness, chronic pain, etc)

-Help before and after surgery

-Heartbreak and despair

-Healing from Trauma

-Relationship Challenges

-Fears and Phobias


-Overall sense of wellbeing

-Eating Disorders and more

Training and Certifications

Degree in Psychology

Minor in Exercise Science

Several Energy Healing Certificates including- Ignite your Spirit, Reiki, Rising Star

Naturopathic Counseling

Health and Wellness Coach

Personal Training


My experience with Sada was profound on multiple levels. Having experienced different modalities of healing and many healers over the years, I can share my experience with Sada was very unique and powerful. Sada has unique abilities to swiftly and powerfully identify layers of unresolved trauma and where they are being stored in the body. Sada is gentle yet extremely powerful in her ability to channel what is happening, what energies are hiding and what energies desperately wanted to come up and out. Sada identified 3 key areas that wanted attention, and without knowing any of my story, the emotional and mental layers she identified were spot on. So much so, that my body produced physical reactions confirming that I was literally purging old traumas. The somatic reaction was amazing, confirming what was being worked on energetically. Sada is kind, compassionate and very connected to pure source energy which is vital for me, as I work with healers. I will be working with Sada again!  -Deena

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