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This LIVE album was captured at the Thunder Dome in San Diego on May 7th 2022!  After not seeing each other for almost 3 years, this band came together for an evening of chanting, blissful vibes and an awesome crowd to share this with.  Enjoy an array of instruments, mantras, voices and live energy to help lift and shift you into joy, peace and love.



1 - Your Love Is Real

2 - Om Namo Narayani

3 - Om Kreem Maha Kali

4 - Shiva Ganga

5 - Jai Baba Ram Dass (Bahman)

6 - Durge Jay Jay Ma (ARI)

7 - Srinivasa Govinda

8 - Devaki Nandana Gopala

9 - The Long Time Sun

Maitreya, Sada, Bahman & Ari LIVE at the Thunder Dome

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