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Maitreya is a sublime teacher, powerful healer and an inspired sacred musician. He guides his clients, students and audiences into the heart of the truth with boundless joy, empowering them to uncover the vast radiance that is their own nature.

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Maitreya has an extensive background in utilizing Music as a tool for Healing, combined with an unshakable passion for the transformational power of sound.

Maitreya has been studying and practicing a variety of Energy Healing Modalities for more than 18 years. He has a BA from Newcastle University, Australia.


Growing up near Lake Macquarie, North of Sydney, Maitreya and his wife Sada now share time between Australia and USA, regularly leading retreats, workshops and concerts in Australia, USA, Internationally and Online.


Being with Maitreya, the first thing I felt was safe, as I felt he was deeply connected and present, the way he uses music and sound as well as profound compassion created a deep space for healing, I left feeling heard, understood uplifted and with the clarity I was a seeking.  -Paul

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