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Noble 8 Fold Path


The Noble 8 Fold Path with Maitreya 4 Session Online Program with an exploration of the Buddha’s Beautiful Teachings on the Noble 8 Fold Path. Includes four 45-minute programs with; • overview of the qualities / symbols connected with each Stage on the Path. • teaching stories to help us understand the essence of the Teachings. • Group meditation using live music and Guided Imagery. WK 1 - Right View + Right Thinking WK 2 - Right Speech + Right Action WK 3 - Right Livelihood + Right Effort WK 4 - Right Mindfulness + Right Concentration You will receive all 4 sessions for $180 USD. Any questions you can email May all Beings Be Blessed with Loving Kindness Maitreya

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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