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About Maitreya and Sada

Maitreya and Sada are sacred musicians, energy healers, and self-development teachers, who travel around the world offering a variety of programs.  They are passionate about helping people find more love, peace and joy through sharing music and meditation plus teaching self-development programs.  Having more than 18 years of training and experience, they believe that through sound and energy healing, we can access our innate essence, find deep healing and let go of emotional, mental and physical pain and trauma. 

Together, they offer a range of services including energy and sound healing, kirtan sessions, as well as private and group self-development sessions both online and in person.

Maitreya and Sada bring a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques to their practice. They are passionate about helping individuals achieve balance and harmony in their lives, and their approach is deeply rooted in compassion and empathy. Their journey as sacred musicians and energy healers has been marked by a commitment to spreading love and healing through their music and teachings.

Maitreya is a profound energy healer who brings the wisdom of sound healing to help open the heart and connect us more deeply to our soul.  His music, compassionate and knowledge of energy healing, brings deep transformation on all levels.  

He specializes in healing relationships, forgiveness, clearing the mind and self love and acceptance.


Sada is a deeply intuitive energy healer and health coach who specializes in healing the physical body and releasing stored emotions and trauma.  She combines her training in hypnosis, personal training and energy healing to help her clients to find deep peace, authenticity and joy in all aspects of life.


Kirtan and Self-Development

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